While doing my PhD, I also help some professors and lecturers to supervise some of their final year and master students.

I have helped with the supervision of the following students:

  • Michalis Psalios (BSc) with Prof. Simon Dobson. Michalis is developing a new tool for visualising NMR data for the NOMAD system.
  • Jake Rivett (BSc) with Prof. Simon Dobson. Jake developed a novel algorithm to predict chemical structures while being drawn (pdf, poster, source code).
  • Joshua Donohue-Channon (MSc) with Dr. Dharini Balasubramaniam. Josh worked on the design of a generic version control tool for scientists (pdf, source code).
  • Anke Shi (MSc) with Dr. Tom Kelsey and Mr. Shyam Reyal. Anke designed and implemented a generic booking system for scientific workflows (pdf).

Academic Service

I assisted in marking coursework for the following modules: "The Internet and the Web: Concepts and Programming" (CS2003), "Software Engineering" (CS3051), "Artificial Intelligence" (CS3105), and "Advanced Computer Science" (CS5001).

I volunteer during visiting days for perspective students, in which I give a 20 minutes lecture on basic Java and Robocode.

I teach a 16 hours Basic Computer Science course to high school students (summer 2016 and 2017)

Honours & Awards

  • Lockheed Martin Award at the Young Software Engineer Award of the Year 2014 (Scotland)
  • Dean's List, University of St. Andrews, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • PSYCS Scholarship, University of St. Andrews, 2012
  • Rookie Inspiration Award, Team 3368, FIRST Competition, 2010
  • UWC Italian Scholarship, 2008-2010
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