• Integration of an active research data system with a data repository to streamline the research data lifecycle: Pure-NOMAD case study; SI Conte, F Fina, M Psalios, S Reyal, T Lebl, A Clements - Presented at IDCC 2017, Edinburgh, UK. Waiting to be published (pdf)
  • Depth perception with gaze-contingent depth of field; M Mauderer, SI Conte, MA Nacenta, D Vishwanath - In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, ACM, 2014 (Honorable Mention Award) (pdf)
  • Using Gaze-contingent Depth of Field to Facilitate Depth Perception; M Mauderer, SI Conte, MA Nacenta, D Vishwanath - i-Perception, 2014


  • Utility of Gaze-contingent DOF Blur for Depth Perception; Michael Mauderer, Simone Conte and Miguel Nacenta - ITS 2013 Workshop on Visual Adaptation of Interfaces (pdf)


  • I presented a Poster titled Managing Shared Mutable Data in a Distributed Environment using Context at the SICSA PhD Conference 2015, Glasgow
  • I presented a Poster titled Modelling Context and Provenance in a Sea of Stuff at TaPP 2015, Edinburgh (Abstract)


  • BSc Dissertation
    HaptiQ: A Haptic Device for Graph Exploration by People with Visual Disabilities (Lockheed Martin Award for Software Engineer 2014) (pdf, poster, github)
  • IB EE (Mathematics)
    What are tensors and how can they applied to mechanics? (Grade: A) (pdf)
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